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Starting Your Commission

Commissioned works typically start with a photograph of the subject, and may include sitting sessions and/or additional photos taken by the artist. Kim will review multiple photographs to choose the most appropriate starting material. The portrait process can be completed start to finish in 1 to 2 months, with additional time needed if you require framing and/or varnish.

Custom commissions are available in three types:

Traditional Oil Portrait

Traditional Portrait in Oil

Traditional Oil Paintings are a lasting investment. Whether cherishing a family member, or honoring a beloved leader, the oil painting will be an heirloom documenting that memory for years to come.

18"x24" = $3,500 (individuals or couples)

16"x20" = $2,500 (individual only)

larger sizes available on request,

any portraits of more than two individuals require larger sizes

Portrait Drawing

Traditional Portrait in Pencil or Charcoal

Pencil and Charcoal portraits require significantly less time to complete compared to traditional oil portraits. These portraits will be completed on paper and are recommended to be framed under glass for display.

18"x24" = $1,000

16"x20" = $750

frame not included

Pet Portrait

Pet Portraits

Pet portraits are a fun way to celebrate your furry family member. Portraits for your pets are available as paintings or drawing at the same rates as traditional portraits. In addition pet portraits are available in smaller sizes painted on canvas panel or wood panel:

8"x10" = $350

10"x10" = $400

9"X12" = $450


If you are interested in purchasing a custom portrait or another artwork, please submit your information in the form below and we will respond as soon as possible.

Thanks for submitting!


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